No other insulation company in North Carolina can match the professionalism and quality of services provided by EcoLogical Insulation. Our full service insulation services provide an extensive range of insulation options for both commercial and residential buildings. Any of our highly trained technicians will be able to help you decide which product (spray foam, fiberglass, cellulose) works best for your job and make recommendations for installation services.

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Blower door testing measures the amount of air leakage and pinpoints where the leakage is coming from. New or existing homes and commercial structures can all benefit from blower door testing. During the test a fan is placed into a door frame. The fan then pulls out the inside air, which lowers the air pressure inside the home. A device that senses pressure measures the difference in air pressure between the inside and outside. If you struggle to keep your home an ideal temperature or feel drafts in your home, contact our office to schedule a blower door test

Blown-in Wall

The blown-in wall system can be installed to open walls of new residences or remodeled spaces in your current home. The gaps in the walls are completely filled and the thermal barrier is more complete than using standard batt insulation in your exterior walls. Your wall cavity is packed densely with loose fill fiberglass insulation behind a layer of plastic to completely fill the cavity and provide the best possibility for energy savings. We can also take the process a step further by air sealing the wall cavity before we install the insulation.


EcoLogical Insulation includes a commercial insulation division that offers a variety of insulation products and services for commercial, municipal and educational projects. We install products such as commercial spray foam insulation, commercial fiberglass insulation and additional commercial insulation products. We take pride in keeping our customers’ projects on schedule and on budget. For a commercial insulation estimate for your next project, contact us today!


Our sealed crawl space system helps keep your home and family safe from crawl space moisture and pests. The foundation of our system is a reinforced vapor barrier. The vapor barrier is run up the crawl space walls and then a specially formulated sealant is applied to adhere this barrier to the wall. Finally, all joints in the vapor barrier are overlapped and secured with tape that is designed specifically to adhere to the vapor barrier. If you have questions about sealing your crawl space, contact EcoLogical Insulation!


Conditioned air can escape before reaching its desired destination if you have duct leakage. This can increase your HVAC expenses and impact the comfort of your home. A duct leakage test is used to accurately measure air leakage of the ductwork by using a small fan and a pressure gauge to pressurize the duct system of your residence. Addressing duct leaks will allow your HVAC system to be more efficient so your heated/cooled air will get to the areas that need it.

Energy Audits
and Testing

Energy audits and testing is utilized to evaluate the unique factors of a structure that impact energy use. Energy Audits and Testing goes further than blower door and duct leakage testing. This technique gathers building data, i.e., rates of occupancy, building geometry, construction materials, lighting, plug loads and thermostat settings. The collected data is then evaluated by customized software that supplies an accounting of improvements to the home that is based on the factors that are unique to each residence. Contact EcoLogical Insulation today to learn more about energy audits and testing!



Home buyers will many times discount insulation during construction in order to select other home amenities. Later the homeowner, who is living in an inefficient home with high utility bills, may regret not investing in better insulation to make their home more efficient. If you decide to upgrade the insulation in your home, you can gain greater comfort year round, more even temperature distribution, improved moisture control and more.


The removal of insulation needs the same attention to detail as the installation of insulation. All the old insulation needs to be completely removed and cannot be allowed to disperse into your living spaces. EcoLogical Insulation removes insulation with equipment that is made to contain the product. The old, contaminated insulation is collected and held in a container outside the home, assuring that your family will be kept safe. If you feel your insulation may need to be removed contact the experts at EcoLogical Insulation!


EcoLogical Insulation is a responsive insulation company that provides professional installation for your new home. You will receive top-notch installation and service on your project. Our team is committed to expertly providing new home air sealing and installing the proper insulation system so you and your family stay comfortable and your energy bills remain low. EcoLogical Insulation is also committed to exceptional service, installation of the best products and assurance that you and your family enjoy the comfort that you deserve.

EcoLogical Insulation is a full service insulation contractor serving Alabama, North Carolina and Georgia. Alabama offices are located in Birmingham, Montgomery and Auburn. Our North Carolina office is located in Otto.