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    • Spray Foam Insulation: What it is and How it Works
      Structures in North Carolina including homes, offices and commercial buildings develop air leaks. Air leaks naturally result around the outside of a building because of the construction process. They can be present around any opening in a building including doors, windows, vents and outlets. Air leaks let conditioned indoor air escape and outdoor air enter. At one time it was thought that air [read more...]
    • Two Things You May Not Know About Fiberglass Insulation
      When people think of insulation, the first thing that usually comes to mind is fiberglass – the most widely used type of insulation. Fiberglass has been used for decades to insulate attics, walls and other areas of new and existing structures. There are methods you probably don’t know that increase its effectiveness even more at a reasonable price: Fiberglass Batt Insulation – In new home [read more...]
    • What is an Energy Audit and Testing?
      An energy audit and testing analyzes the existing energy use in your home. The results identify the amount of energy used in your home and areas where you may be losing energy. The results of the audit and testing provide the essential data to make your home more energy efficient. By having an energy audit and testing, you will learn the factors that uniquely affect energy use in your home. The [read more...]