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North Carolina Insulation Contractors

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Energy-efficiency and lowered utility costs are top goals for the Hendersonville, North Carolina area and surrounding communities. If you are seeking insulation contractors to improve the comfort of your home or office, follow these tips to finding the best company for your insulation needs.

Experience. Look for an insulating company with experience and a strong reputation in your region. How long has the insulation contractor you’re considering been in business? What is their history? What is their reputation in the community? What are others saying about them? Read reviews. How does the company respond to negative feedback – if any? Much of this information can be found on the company website.

Expertise with Building Science. Energy efficiency is more than installing an insulation product. It’s about understanding the residential or commercial structure, how ventilation and air quality play a role, and choosing the product that best fits the client’s goals. Ask your potential insulation contractor how they choose their products based on your home’s structure.

Initial Consultation. A reliable insulation contractor will want to visit the location before beginning any work. This review should include a full exploration of the home or business. It may include an energy audit and will result in suggestions and recommendations for insulation products. Many times, insulation contractors will offer this service for free.

Experience with New and Existing Structures. No two buildings are alike and the insulation contractors in Hendersonville, Raleigh, or Fayetteville, North Carolina will have experience and understanding of these differences.

Licensing. Quality insulation contractors will have current licensing with reputable companies such as the National Insulation Contractors Exchange (NICE), the North Carolina Building Performance Association (NCBPA), or the High Performance Insulation Professionals. Related certifications for spray foam insulation are worthy of mention too.

Building Permits. Each state has differing codes and permits required for installation of insulation products. Find out which are required for North Carolina and if the insulation contractor you are considering has the required permits and is up-to-date on the necessary codes.

Products and Installation. Updating an existing or new structure is not a task to take lightly. Choose products that fit your energy and utility goals. Ask your insulation contractor which insulation suppliers they work with and their overall success. Ask the hard questions too: What are the pros and cons of a specific insulation product? The insulation contractors in the Hendersonville area should readily provide this information.

Considerations for Spray Foam Insulation. Spray foam insulation is a fabulous product with its own unique characteristics. Your insulation contractor will need specialized training and certification with this product. Additional codes and permits may be required to work with this product. Discuss with your insulation contractor if this is a service you are considering.

Customer Service. We all want top service and quality products. Availability, a willingness to answer questions, and professionalism are key traits we seek from those we hire. Talk with the owners and the team. If the insulation contractor meets the above conditions and makes you comfortable, then you have found your contractor!

Seeking out an insulation contractor in North Carolina may be a daunting task, but this list will certify you’ve got the best contractor for your needs!

EcoLogical Insulation in Otto, North Carolina is a full-service insulation contractor. Founded in 2008, and with their home base in Alabama, they are dedicated and proud to service the Otto and Highlands communities in North Carolina. The experts at EcoLogical Insulation go to great lengths to ensure their team is highly trained and qualified to deliver top customer service and results for any insulation product. Contact us today!

spray foam insulation

Why Insulate With Spray Foam

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Buildings in the Otto, North Carolina area have naturally occurring air leaks, including in homes, offices and commercial buildings. These air leaks occur around the outside of a building and are a part of the construction process. They occur around openings like duct work, outlets and light fixtures and allow air transfer between the inside and outside of the home or building. This air transfer can lead to inferior indoor air quality, poor temperature control and higher utility bills.

Spray foam specialists can seal air leaks and insulate in one application. After installation by commercial insulation professionals the spray foam expands and fills the cavities including cracks, crevices and penetration points. The result is lower energy costs and improved indoor air quality.

If you are seeking a spray foam company in the Otto, North Carolina area contact us and one of our spray foam professionals will be happy to give you an estimate.

spray foam insulation

How Spray Foam Insulation Can Save You Money

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Energy efficient insulation is a practical and quick way to save money on your utility bills and make your home more comfortable. Insulation keeps your home warm during winter and cool during hot North Carolina summer months. You can save up to 10 percent on your energy bills by insulating and air sealing your home.

Insulation decreases the heat exchange through walls, attics and crawl spaces. If you have your home expertly insulated by spray foam professionals less interior air will escape from your home so there is less work for your heating and cooling system. This reduces the amount of energy used and helps lower energy bills.

There are two types of spray foam insulation. Open-cell spray foam is commonly used to insulate wall cavities, attics, crawl spaces and basements. Its porousness allows for moisture permeability. Closed-cell spray foam insulation is denser and has a higher R-value than open-cell spray foam and is appropriate in certain applications.

When searching for an experienced spray foam company in North Carolina, contact our spray foam specialists at EcoLogical Insulation.

spray foam insulation

Spray Foam Insulation: What it is and How it Works

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Structures in North Carolina including homes, offices and commercial buildings develop air leaks. Air leaks naturally result around the outside of a building because of the construction process. They can be present around any opening in a building including doors, windows, vents and outlets. Air leaks let conditioned indoor air escape and outdoor air enter. At one time it was thought that air leaks helped provide adequate home ventilation. Present-day building science has proven that unattended air leaks can allow too much or too little air to circulate in and out of the home. This can result in inferior indoor air quality and higher energy bills.

Air sealing reduces the amount of air that enters or leaves a building through penetration points around the outside. Air sealing is a critical process for ensuring that homes in North Carolina are more efficient. Sealing air leaks can also help fend off pests and allergens, increase indoor air quality and reduce utility bills. Spray foam insulation in North Carolina is a one-step process that both insulates and air seals your home, business or commercial building.

Spray foam insulation expands after application (similar to shaving cream when dispensed from a can). The expansion allows spray foam insulation to entirely fill a cavity. After expansion it naturally fills and seals the cracks, crevices and penetration points in a cavity. Your home, office or commercial building is insulated and air sealed with just one application.

Contact our office to learn more about the advantages of air sealing with foam insulation. Our North Carolina team will be happy to provide a free estimate for your next project. You may also contact one of our other offices – find our locations here.

fiberglass insulation

Two Things You May Not Know About Fiberglass Insulation

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When people think of insulation, the first thing that usually comes to mind is fiberglass – the most widely used type of insulation. Fiberglass has been used for decades to insulate attics, walls and other areas of new and existing structures. There are methods you probably don’t know that increase its effectiveness even more at a reasonable price:

  • Fiberglass Batt Insulation – In new home construction, many contractors choose to install fiberglass batt insulation in wall cavities. When properly installed, fiberglass batt insulation provides reliable R-value at a cost-effective price point. A qualified insulation contractor has the training and skill to ensure you get the highest R-value from your fiberglass batt installation.
  • Fiberglass Insulation with Air Sealing – Fiberglass insulation provides reliable R-value. The woven fibers in this type of insulation do not inherently stop airflow. By combining fiberglass insulation with air sealing conditioned air is prevented from escaping, helping reduce energy bills and wear and tear on your HVAC system. ENERGY STAR states that sealing air leaks and insulating can save a homeowner on their energy bills.

There are many options for insulating your home or new construction project that you may not know about. Contact our office to learn more about these options and others and to schedule a free estimate.

North Carolina Home Energy Audit

What is an Energy Audit and Testing?

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An energy audit and testing analyzes the existing energy use in your home. The results identify the amount of energy used in your home and areas where you may be losing energy. The results of the audit and testing provide the essential data to make your home more energy efficient.

By having an energy audit and testing, you will learn the factors that uniquely affect energy use in your home. The audit/testing compiles and evaluates the data with custom software that provides you with a list of potential home improvements to make your home the most energy efficient.

Energy audits and testing can be arranged for new homes still under construction or for your current home. The information acquired from an energy audit can assist you in determining the best building materials, lighting and design for your home to make it as energy efficient as possible.

Contact us to schedule an energy audit and testing for your home.