About Us

In 2008 EcoLogical Insulation was founded by Brycen Williams and David Kahn and has offices located in Birmingham, AL, Auburn, AL, Montgomery, AL and Otto, NC.

Founded in 2008, Brycen Williams and David Kahn began EcoLogical Insulation to provide quality insulation services with a professional staff of technicians. After beginning in Alabama, EcoLogical Insulation expanded to North Carolina, offering the same products and services to the Highlands and Otto areas, improving energy efficiency in commercial and residential buildings.

Our specialty in North Carolina is high performance building envelope systems – meaning that we’re working on the entire building to improve your energy consumption and usage. Our professional team installs fiberglass, spray foam and cellulose insulation. EcoLogical Insulation North Carolina is a member of the North Carolina Building Performance Association (NCBPA), High Performance Insulation Professionals (HPIP), the Smoky Mountain Home Builders Association and the National Insulation Contractors Exchange (NICE). EcoLogical Insulation’s installation professionals provide you with the building envelope solution for your residential, commercial or agricultural project.

We are dedicated to educating consumers about building science, benefits of correctly installed insulation and advanced air sealing. When you choose our experts at EcoLogical Insulation North Carolina, you will benefit from energy efficiency, structure durability and ambient temperature.

EcoLogical Insulation is an Alabama-based full service insulation contractor serving all of Alabama and Georgia from offices in Birmingham, Montgomery and Auburn, Alabama.